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The Carbon Removal India Alliance exists to accelerate the development, commercialisation, deployment, and co-benefit of durable carbon dioxide removal technologies in India.



To support the development of a carbon removal sector in India to generate income, investment and jobs while reducing green house gases in the atmosphere.


The Carbon Removal India Alliance envisions transforming India into a global nexus of innovation and sustainability, driving the development and deployment of cutting-edge, durable carbon removal technologies.


Through collaborative industry growth, knowledge transfer, and societal engagement, CRIA aims to harmonise economic progress with environmental stewardship, positioning India as a leader in climate resilience and carbon management.


Long duration carbon removal methods

Projects which can achieve a permanence of removal of multiple centuries (in line with the European Commission’s proposed 300-year definition of carbon dioxide removal).

India focus

Organisations with durable carbon removal operations in India or with an interest in developing the Indian carbon dioxide removal sector.

High quality and high trust removal

Our efforts are intended to build an industry grounded in trust and the generation of high-quality carbon removal credits. 

Approach and technology agnostic

No one durable carbon removal approach will generate the scale required to meet the global durable carbon removal requirement. For organisations working across several different approaches, such as rehabilitative agriculture and biochar we will work with those organisations who generates most carbon removal credits from high quality durable carbon removal methods. 


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To advance understanding on sector opportunities and constraints by advancing research into co-benefits and risks, integrated technology solutions and land use efficiency

Agricultural Fields

Ecosystem Building

To foster a sustainable, innovative and interconnected ecosystem that supports the growth of the durable CDR sector and socio-economic development in India

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Knowledge Transfer

​To communicate and raise knowledge levels on durable carbon removal. 

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International Engagement

To enhance international engagement and partnerships, thereby increasing durable removal credit demand and capital inflow

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