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Cracked Earth

The Carbon Removal India Alliance exists to accelerate the development, commercialisation, deployment, and co-benefit of durable carbon dioxide removal technologies in India.

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We focus on representing the the organisations with

Technical Focus

Durable Removal

Pathways to contribute to 1Mt per year of durable carbon dioxide removal

Is atmospheric carbon removal front and centre in the work your organisation is doing?

Are you are focused on carbon removal solutions that are grounded in rigorous science and do you intend to be certified by leading CDR specific certification bodies?

Is your focus on durable carbon removal (at the hundreds to thousands of year timescale)?

Does your work either facilitate or actively build and deploy carbon removal solutions that can result in sales of durable carbon removal credits internationally?

Are your operations in India or do you want to start operations in India?

Do you want to be an active part of the rapidly growing Indian CDR ecosystem?

If the answer is yes to the above question and you were interested in exploring how CRIA could support you, we would love to set up a call - please select a time here or Join Us by applying got membership in the form below!

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