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The Carbon Removal India Alliance exists to accelerate the development, commercialisation, deployment, and co-benefit of durable carbon dioxide removal technologies in India.


India Realising its Potential as a Global Leader in Durable Carbon Removal

Congratulations to Mati Carbon for Delivering the First Enhanced Rock Weathering Carbon Removal Credits in the Global South

As the Carbon Removal India Alliance (CRIA), we are excited to share a significant milestone achieved by one of our esteemed founding members, Mati Carbon. They have successfully delivered their first carbon dioxide removal (CDR) tons to Frontier buyers, marking a pivotal moment not just for Mati Carbon, but for the durable CDR sector in India, and highlighting the crucial role of climate markets in promoting rural inclusive growth and a just transition.


Tom Mills, Co-Founder - CRIA, The Carbon Removal India Alliance

Tom Mills, Managing Director at TOS (Two Oceans Strategy), Co-Founder at The Carbon Removal India Alliance (CRIA), while talking about the Carbon Removal India Alliance said, ''India has the potential to lead the world while improving Agricultural Systems, Increasing Export Revenue and generating Jobs.

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White Paper Launch and Panel Discussion at CDR COP28


The discussion touched on upcoming reports on biochar and ERW, Dr. Sanjeev Khagram's climate action framework, and India's significance in emissions. It also covered MATI's ERW focus, Mash Makes' biochar deployment, varied pyrolysis approaches, and the importance of rigorous scientific backing for CDR credits. Constraints in India's capital flow were highlighted, emphasising policy support and multilateral banks' role in carbon removal.


New Carbon Removal Newsroom episode on CRIA to scale up CDR

New Carbon Removal Newsroom episode ft. Tom Mills and Shantanu Agarwal on CRIA efforts to scale up CDR in India.
It's clear that India could play a pivotal role in achieving global carbon removal goals, offering cost-effective and scalable solutions. How is a new organisation working to bring together major players in India to jumpstart an industry and make it happen?


Carbon Removal in India; A Potential Transformative Sector

As the CDR sector develops there will be countries where tonnage can be durably removed from the atmosphere, while generating massive benefits for agricultural systems in regions which will be highly impacted by Climate Change. Srishti Singh and Tom Mills delivered a Keynote on the opportunity to lead the world high scale CDR at CDR San Francisco on 6th November 2023.

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